The Patient Centricity Effect – How it benefits Patients, Sites and Sponsors – Practical cases from paediatric studies

Patient centricity has become something of a buzz phrase over the last few years. However, behind the name lies a concept that offers real value. During this webinar, these benefits will be discussed, highlighting:

1. Results from recent research that quantifies the positive business impact to sponsors by taking a patient centric approach 
2. Exploration of real examples where the patient has benefited from being put at the heart of clinical research
3. Advantages experienced by sites when patients are central to study planning and implementation

This informative session will arm you with data and examples to take to your own organization to support the build and growth of patient centric practices. In addition, a collaborative discussion about the future of patient centricity and its effect on the industry will complete the webinar.

Moreover, the webinar will provide practical examples on how to involve children in clinical trials.